Quick Start

Last Updated
August 27, 2020


StitchIQ allows you to read and write to your SQL databases from a Google Sheets, thus saving you time and effort by removing the need to build an interface to share the data with your team and also empowers your team with a familiar interface.


The central concept of StitchIQ is the “Operation”. An operation is basically a query you want to execute. Each operation has a Name, a description, and a Query.  

Getting Started

This tutorial will walk you through how to run a fetch all data query from a table. Before we begin, we need to provide the connection details for the database we want to connect to. Each Google Sheet can be currently connected to a single database. So if you want to fetch data from two different databases, you will need to use two independent databases.

Adding a Database 

To add the details head over to the Add on Menu > StitchIQ > Operations > Manage Connections Section. 

The Add-on Menu

You will need to provide the following details 

  1. IP addresses 
  2. Port
  3. Database Name
  4. User name
  5. Password 

Adding A Database Connection

If you need to whitelist IPs for access, you can find them here <link>

Adding an Operation

To add an operation we once again head over to the Add on Menu > StitchIQ > Operations > Add Read operation. Currently, StitchIQ does not take in Query parameters for Read operations, this will be built in the near future. 

Getting to the Add Read Operation menu

For each operation, you need to provide a query, operation name, and description information. When running a query, you will be able to see the operation name and description, thus keep them succinct and useful. 

Adding a Query

Running an operation

Once you add a query, you can run it from the Runner panel. As before head over to the add-on menu, but this time select Operation Runner. From there you can select a query, a sheet where the response should be store.

Click run

Now you are ready to share data with your team.